Thursday, March 28, 2024

Which Is My True Kryptonite? #SOLC #SOL24

Thank you, Vivian Chen, for my inspiration.  I had a long day, and I almost did not slice.  

Lately, my kryptonite is a night out with my people for an event at the local vineyard.

It all started in October when I attended a wine and cupcake pairing with my husband. Cake and wine?  I am so down for that.  

A month later, we returned with your close friends for a wine and charcuterie board pairing. We talked, laughed, and lingered for as long as we could before returning to reality. 

Yikes!  In December, they had a wine and Christmas cookie pairing event.  I attended that with my gal pals.

My gal pals loved it so much we went back in February for a wine and book pairing.  That, of course, was my favorite.  Unfortunately, there is no picture for that one. How can that be? I purchased Kristin Hannah's The Women at that event.

And just yesterday we returned to actually make our own Easter charcuterie boards.  It was so delicious that my husband and friends devoured it when I got home.  

One might think that the common denominator, my kryptonite, is wine or food, but truly it is being with my people, my tribe.  We are all trying to navigate our empty nest lives and could easily be consumed by work and sorrow. This lovely vineyard, which is nestled in a quiet neighborhood, gives us a refuge for a few hours to talk and have fun while learning and tasting. 


  1. I love that you have your people. I'm jealous you get to visit a vineyard so often. Your images are absolutely yummy!!

  2. I didn't know there were so many different ways to pair wine! I, too, would love the book one best. Have you read The Women yet? I was thinking about suggesting that for summer camp book club book!


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