Thursday, March 21, 2024

Moved by the Wind #SOLSC #SOL24

Moved by the Wind

As I sat at my desk,
I heard the house creaking,
the awning banging, 
and the wind pushing 
at the windows.

It is a pressing force,
an insistent force,
an intimidating force 
of nature.

As I drove up the hill,
I saw the leaves dancing,
the pine branches waving, 
and a sculpture welcoming
spectators passing by.

It is a twirling force,
an inviting force,
a beautiful force
of nature.


  1. The title drew my attention and your poem plays on the double entendre of "moved" through each stanza. I also notice the progression of connotative values for each aspect of the wind which created an interesting mood. Very clever poem.

  2. The verbs in your poem show so much movement. What a beautiful poem.

  3. The repition of the word force and -ing words bring this poem to life! I have to say, I am a little over this wind though!


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