Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Frozen Reverie #SOLC #SOL24

I am currently reading The Wonder of Small Things: Poems of Peace and Renewal edited by James Crews.  After the first ten poems, there is a Reflective Pause and an Invitation for Writing and Reflection.  The first was to focus on a plant or animal that draws your attention and describe it in detail.  

I was immediately reminded of a cold rainy last week when I walked under our crabapple tree in the front yard.  I was in awe and felt wrapped in its embrace.

Frozen Reverie

I walked under your branches, 
looked up and was entranced.
Every single inch 
of your gnarled branches
was wrapped in a crystal crust.

I swear time stopped
and the earth hushed.

You twinkled, 
lighting up your dome,
protecting me from 
the gray sky above, 
a haven for a peaceful pause.

I froze in place
and nothing moved.

I wanted to stay
under your friendly canopy
offering a surprising warmth
amidst a frigid drizzle,
a respite from work.

I snapped back to reality
and stepped back into the world.

I wish I took a picture while under the tree.  I should have known I would have written about it.



  1. I love how the first 2-line stanza makes the poem actually stop and the last expresses movement even though the poem has ended.

  2. I love the idea of a tree embracing you on a cold rainy day. I remember it well! Truly a haven for a peaceful pause. Lovely. I can't wait for this study group with you!

  3. I'm yet to get the book, but I feel the activities will be very engaging. You shared the tree well and even showed the relationship you had with it, "I wanted to stay/ under your friendly canopy"


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